About ParkPGH

Launched in December 2010, ParkPGH is Pittsburgh's first smart parking solution delivering real-time garage parking space availability for select Pittsburgh garages located in the Cultural District, the Central Business District, and the North Shore. Parking inventory is updated every 30 seconds and delivered to users by way of mobile web, iPhone app, text messaging, a traditional website, and a call-in service.

ParkPGH is a free service provided to the Pittsburgh community by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, a non-profit organization dedicated to the development and promotion of Pittsburgh's Cultural District. The Trust presents a broad spectrum of arts and entertainment, manages theaters and galleries, oversees over 1,000,000 square feet of Downtown real estate, and supports Cultural District resident companies and artists through subsidy and commissions.

How did ParkPGH get started?

Parking is often noted as a barrier to arts attendance. The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust created ParkPGH with the help of the Benter Foundation and other partners to make parking less stressful for patrons and to make the Cultural District more accessible to commuters into the city of Pittsburgh, not only for theater and arts programs, but also for the business, restaurant, retail, and residential communities.


From quality performing and visual arts to development of one of the nation's most vibrant Cultural Districts, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is a transformative force for Pittsburgh and the region.

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